tis been a long time


April was my last entry,  {when we had some punks trying to steal items from our car.the most they took was time and some peace of mind & sense of security, only for a small time} It had been a very busy spring and summer, and autumn no different, with me { once again not complaining, I’m just saying} living in two time zones,  one here in New England the other across the ocean,  in Old England,.  now I am trying to catch up here, see the snow on my page cute eh ?


Back with my honey, I ‘m really NOT complaining it’s great, however it does make me awfully tired …

then there was/ is the house, you know how they can be; they take and take, the walkway and driveway crumbling as if they’ve been here since the start of time.. they’ve surly not. :) the chimney’s mortar needed re-pointing, and there is a need to bring this place back to a functioning two bedroom house;  that was hard as nails still is at times it is excruciating to hurt a loved one… but we’re all moving on yay…


"start with closing one of the two doors.

Bedroom 2

So we started with closing of one of the two doors, we used Homasote , a soundproofing and paintable

( I’ll be back shortly some jerks are stealing my images …. bloody arses:P )

{ Okay flickr handled it as best they could.

Thank you to those of you that cared mmm Mr.AB namely. }

Back to the pin I had here, the bedroom;

I  painted this nice {but badly marred} bureau’s top to match the accent wall.

I ‘m pleased with the result,  moving along now the one bad point of the room is, has a  treadmill in it, not my room but goodness don’t  these always turn into catch all’s when found in a bedroom, yeassss they do. I still mull over as to where to put the behemoth not as large as some it’s rather  new… hmm where…

Back soon with the final look; see ya then perhaps?


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