Hello Earth ~ !!

Welcome to my art~ooo~graphy blog, I am a photographer/ artist a generally astute and out of the box observer. I am a wee bit sensitive to hypocrisy, an agnostic on the border of atheism, tough to cross due my belief in a higher energy and a few interesting and unexpected experiences,. I am very communicative I love verbal intercourse, yet I don’t always speak / write in a umm regular fashion. I am enigmatic, I’m eclectic, I love music emphatically, also true for poetry.

My photos are all copyrighted and all rights reserved to me, it’s illegal to use them in any form or fashion in any medium, in whole or in part.
If you want to use a photo or blog it please ask before doing so please don’t presume a yes or no.

If you would like to purchase any of my images some are featured for sale in @ redbubble, should you be interested.

I was born in the year of the dog and it fits … haaa do you like Dogs?
Your comments are welcome! Thanks for dropping in !
M ~ ‘~]))™

A cRaNe is a BiRd..
A cRaNe is a BiRd..

This is toyally alien to me I’ve some experience on googles blogger but this will take me
some getting use to, I feel a wee bit inverted as I try to learn what’s what here in Wp ….

©M’sheArt-oOo-graphy2 All rights reserved

Sing to me! Something of sunlight and bloom,
I am so compassed with sorrow and gloom,
I am so sick with the world’s noisse and strife, –
Sing of the beauty and brightness of life –
Sing to me, sing to me!

Sing to me! Something that’s jubilant, glad!
I am so weary, my soul so sad.
All my earth riches are covered with rust,
All my bright dreams are but ashes and dust.
Sing to me, sing to me!

Sing of the blossoms that open in spring,
How the sweet flowers blow, and the long lichens cling,
Say, though the winter is round about me,
There are bright summers and springs yet to be.
Sing to me, sing to me!

Sing me a song full of hope and of truth,
Brimming with all the sweet fancies of youth!
Say, though my sorrow I may not forget,
I have not quite done with happiness yet.
Sing to me, sing to me!

Lay your soft fingers just here, on my cheek;
Turn the light lower – there- no, do not speak,
But sing! My heart thrills at your beautiful voice;
Sing till I turn from my grief and rejoice.
Sing to me, sing to me!

Ella Wheeler Wilcox –

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