Some days are just bloody difficult

And this is one of them, our car was broken into right under our nose @ approximately 12:35am the bloody gits goodness I hate thieves with a passion and I can not help but see the irony…

•  updated  Airport and finally added a password

• I warned my umm partner about freaks that come to ones door as and are something else, a resurgence of the Gas meter man, and instead is well you know a thief !

• I suggested we hook up the surveillance cam, a purchase made in 2003 when I was attacked by an unmitigated bitch that threaten to cut my throat, reason ~ I was sounding out on my property, to my boyfriend for being blocked in our driveway by her car, again & for the umpteenth time..

• Why the desire for the cam, well for all the aforementioned and the constant driveway blocks, and I’m not door mat.

• Lastly  the local Tab News had been running stories:

District 14 would like to issue a security advisory to the public in Brighton and Allston involving a recent spike involving larcenies from motor vehicles. Recently, thieves have been breaking into parked cars and stealing items such as GPS devices, IPods, and other valuables.
Thieves are checking for unlocked car doors or smashing windows to gain entry.
Other incidents have involved the stealing of car wheels and leaving the vehicles on blocks.

The majority of these larcenies are occurring at night, mostly after midnight and before daybreak.

Thieves have stricken the neighborhoods surrounding Oak Square in recent weeks, as well as the streets surrounding Cleveland Circle.

(etc, etc….)

As always, we advise residents to be vigilant and immediately call 911 when they observe suspicious activity or persons in their neighborhood, especially during late night hours.

Hmm well I have not seen a flyer on a vehicle anywhere in my neighbourhood and tis surely one of the ones affected … surely and sorely.

Thanks to Capt. Frank Mancini Commander, of District 14 for this story,

I will always read the All~bright Police logs, I will always read the All~bright..


bloody thieves they can make it feel as if I have to  live in a sort of foxhole, it  pisses me off………

Detachments – The Flowers That Fell

then I find out about your need to move your blog, your lovely blog.. sigh
I’m cheering that you’ll pull it of, I just found you a wee bit ago.. darn it I missed you so Andy.


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