Spring and then summer in a day?

It was 93ºƒ yesterday, well out of the realm of spring yes?

Still t was so nice, so tired of the cold.. lucky for me I didn’t have ave to go off to work, yay! I’m not the one to have the smashed car window repaired or to find I had to return to them, for the geniuses at the dealer send the wrong model part ..

The rear passenger side window was smashed to bits.. to bits in an attempted theft.. but we were up.

My neck and spine feel ancient for being up so late, carrying equipment out of the car, and tensely watching for the attempted robbers (did they have the unmitigated gall to return ) till the break of dawn.. when I did sleep, it was brief tainted with dreams of invasion,

Some may say all they took was time as they were disrupted by EC a shout out the window and racing outside. by us and thus took nothing physical, since they tried this right under our noses… damn is there anything more important then time in life, and a sense of security in this neck of the world? We’re not on the high seas fighting pirates are we, bet your dollar I feel glad not to be one of the seized but hey gets some security on board to fight or better yet resist them… back on track now for I digress..

feeling that I’m being hunted even though it was “casual” ( oh yes nothing personal eh;P) it took both my time and sense of security, furthermore it makes me so bloody angry.

I loathe it, when a stranger interjects his/herself into my life in such a vile fashion, the little suckers I would like to slap their parents up the side of the head ~ of course I know not who they were young or not but I do know they have no honour!

I don’t care who would like to say differently, some people just suck the life out of living, Imo the world would be better without them, to me it seems that so many of the wrong people propagate

Yes propagate haa haa there is just a lot of pond scum out there .. does that get your dander up, piss you off,? It’s political incorrect right well then too bloody bad imo & experience I am on the border of the truth.

‘~P there is just too much anarchy, (ha-ha) some is organized, gangs of thugs looking for a quick dollar and called government and big business and then this type of leech………. I still have my fingers.

anywho …

it’s so gorgeous today, sunny and quiet but for the singing of the birds, and the distant  drone of large machinery, some streets  away, cutting down a tree.

The wind has calmed  { but if someone wanted to come cut the Norway maple that is looming over my home I would put up with it happily, as the thing is also an invasive species and it’s not allowing my garden any sun, it’s a threat in high winds, and it’s breaking the retaining wall which looms above us.
The Norway Maple is squeezing the indigenous plants and trees out, the roots put out a toxic substances that makes it almost impossible for other plant life to grow around them.

We can thank the city planners for planting then as street trees.

These maples literally have an advantage, they are everywhere.

But without eyes to see and ears to hear not a damn care being giving they grow unhampered.

And wouldn’t you know it the Sugar maple is the one that was being cut

just prior easter…. but you know what? I would be a liar if I didn’t say

I am happy to have a wee bit of you in my life … sure you have not added me maybe private you have …maybe xx

Autumn ( NM on the left)

Two - day ~ The Norway & Sugar Maples

© All rights reserved.


Warren's house


3 thoughts on “Spring and then summer in a day?

  1. Thank you for saying so.
    Odd your cmmnt didn’t show up in gmail till I logged in WP,
    April 30th is a while; sorry.
    Yes I was pissed, I am no angel , but It is pretty low to destroy and steal from others as if owed it.
    A zxcvbnmkjhgfd now that’s a heck of a name, eh is it russian or icelandic ;D?
    I presume my blogger led you here . .. thank you love, M ~ xx

  2. certainly understand the anger & feelings, it shouldn’t happen to anyone. Glorious pics though – talented you. xx

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