HeArtLights ~ Happy 2010 (2)

Twas such a lovely, & loving New year & Christmas for me, Christmas with my love, who surprised me with a trip across the pond from England, was my very best present ever, his presence, good, hardly covers it! Thanks Honey….

On Boxing day(return it all day in the USA), we took a stroll & shoot on Newbury, we stopped in for some yummy christmas blend java.

Amazingly even parking was free, rare on Newbury St., how nice of the city eh! :)

We walked down (or is it up) to Arlington St. to & through the ever so lovely Public Gardens


Pretty, lit up and snow covered

Proceeding on through whimsically lit up Boston Common, stopping at the Frog Pond to watch the skaters, in time for the ice making, leaving a shiny and reflective surface, so very pretty …. a lovely and romantic mood permeated the city like the sweet scent of vanilla can, it was lovely all aglow with lights and snow-covered.

{back to earth again…..}

On to Macy’s for a return, which was fun as well …..

Christmas is all about fun isn’t it though, hmm yes it is to me, and Christmas doesn’t end till the 12 day, actually it goes on all January for me.

On to dinner the three of us went, we decided on ( Joe’s American Bar & Grill, luckily it was quiet, no screaming kids and families and good food, yay.

On the 27th of December.we took a trek to the New England aquarium, we all loved it there, I’d not been there since I were a teenager, once before that on a school trip.

A great place for those of us that are so inclined, if you’ve not been there, & you like fish well beyond on your dinner plate, it’s worthy a trip.

I especially adored the Little Blue Penguins oh, the sweet little loves they are, their small size, their pink feet and pretty blue in their fur, not to mention the look on their faces !

Before going in to the NEA, and as we drove in, the light of day was fascinating, the skies shone like amber, silver here, golden there on the windows of the buildings we passed, the sky was a beautiful melody of blue, clouds and a tiny moon. Coach, busy driving not thrilled nor vocal…. at times his lack of enthusiasm is truly confounding to me and this was one of those times.

Andy & I, just call us the shooters for everywhere we go, our camera is there with us.

Poor, ( silly ;) ) Coach he didn’t think to take his camera you see, what a pity he would of had some lovely photos, from my eye’s point of view he missed out for the light was sublime, no doubt he’d maybe tell you different, hee heee (btw hi hi hi is no different then hi aka a hello which in the end is a stupid way to imitate laughter!

We shot, @ the marina, and then some more before going into the NEA, we were compelled to, much to “a waiting someone’s chagrin”:P


It's all about the light

I’m hardly done with this sojourn, but it’s late, or early, it depends where in the world you are, more on the NEA on another post or page.


New England Aquaruim

Happy 2010!

“The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.”
Emily Dickinson

Light writings

Andy and I playing with light.

worth repeating..


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    • The photos in this post morphed into a gigantic size at least twice,
      so thank you for the lovely comment, this was not an easy one to put up with.

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