My little sorrow part 2

My little sorrow, see my previous post on my new bed/mattress has turned into a big aggravation! : :P
After roaming both Macy’s & Ikea not to mention (oops mentioned) the net again in the hunt for something ” firm “btw firm in beds today means nothing of what it use to mean, I settled for for this bed here
It is firmer than the Simmons Beautyrest Sunflower but again, there is memory & other foam(s) which I didn’t want however I don’t have 7.000 & up for today’s latex beds, what appeared to be once a standard mattress material is now rare & is what my 20 yr. old Beautyrest consisted of not like the squishy Sunflower, ( by the way the Sunflower is exclusively for Macy’s) a mattress both I and my body came to abhor!

After an hour and a half on the phone, Macy’s finally agreed (or so I’m told by my housemate & best friend ) , to not charge us for re-stocking and delivery, as we were first told when Ed contacted them.
He bought the bed for me in lieu of what he felt he owed me, silly, silly Man, he owed me nothing, but he wouldn’t hear of it ~! :P
I bet he now wishes he never did, for no good deed ever goes unpunished, this experience has been a nightmare for us both and
has reached across the pond :D, right then…

Delivery & pickup was yesterday, the window 11:30 – 3:30 which came and went, we were called said they’d be on the late end of the window.
My patience did start to run out at minute past tea time.
We live in a small apartment, everything has to be moved from the stairway and living room area by a set of french doors, in order for us to be graced with the king size mattress, and frankly I had enough of the new configuration !

Long short, firstly they know nothing of this being a return/ exchange, the one delivery man wants to leave us with the sunflowers box springs, umm excuse me, did we really pay twice the price for the same exact box springs then?

a bed for all

We wrestled for the new and won, in comes the new box springs, and along now the mattress , which had to be bend almost had to be forced through the stairwell.
They prop it up against my dresser and bureau, the Sunflower up against my cabinet and Armoire,
I now have 2 king mattress in one bloody 12 by 9 ft room, hells bells I guess plastic wrapping is at a premium; thus they wait to remove the new for the other, and if they break my possessions
I get a ” useless sorry” no doubt, as I ‘m constantly being ushered away as if I don’t own the space!

So off with the plastic, they lift the mattress in the air and down on the box springs, wth is that nessecary with difficult out they go Ed, & the the 2 delivery Men, and what’s this?
The fabric is raised up, as if no longer attached to the under-layers, the covering is loose and puffed up, with my knee I gently press on the side of the foot of the bed, the surrounding wall, the mattress bends as if paper, WTF!!!

I get both Ed & the one mover {the one that wanted to leave the other box springs} whoa I say hey this is totally unacceptable!
He said hey I’m just delivery, call Macys on their 30 day return policy, hmm 30 eh, twas just 60 thinks I…..

The bed is broken, it’s damaged, I won’t speculate on how or why
but I’m on list for a new mattress delivery, for goodness sake what a pain!


5 thoughts on “My little sorrow part 2

  1. Woah, we got the same bed a while back, and I have to say I wish I returned it, we will need something new in a couple of years, it’s much too soft, good for you, that you did.
    I hope the new one’s been re-delivered and is much better?

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