Flickr: Explore! WTF?

Flickr: Explore!.

I find something very odd about this image maybe I’m too much a feminist, maybe I see it all wrong, but goodness this feels wrong and disturbing.. what do you think?



4 thoughts on “Flickr: Explore! WTF?

  1. Lol, as a woman I got IT, the why you found it offensive & imo unworthy, b/c it’s purely the exploitation of a woman.

    The title gives me a chuckle, “Protection” from what exactly ?

  2. Well it’s tough to tell, as your original post has now changed and you’ve removed the picture. But if I did miss the text link to the original post then I apologise. When I clicked on the image on your blog last week it certainly did not go to the original post.

    Regardless, now that I have followed the link I still don’t know what you find objectionable about it. The only thing I can say is that in my opinion it is not a very interesting picture and not worthy of being Explored in the first place!

  3. What exactly do you feel is wrong with this picture? I don’t personally see anything disturbing about it. As it stands on its own it looks like a perfectly ordinary photograph. Perhaps the original title or sequence gives away more – it’s difficult to tell as you have not linked to the original piece (which is a bit naughty given you are a fellow photographer!). Is the photographer male or female? Is it a self-portrait? There are too many questions that need answering.

    • the original poster is linked to, did you miss that?
      and furthermore the image is “blog this” enabled, so there is nothing naughty about my posting about it.

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