Gaia ..

Gaia ..

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I’ve been so busy, since posting my last, I almost forgot Earth Day, Earth day, most appropriate to celebrate our wonderful green blue gem of a world when the sun is in the 2nd day of Taurus.

Lovely earth, alive with bud and blossom..

Massive and impressive rain clouds decorated our sky today,

drops, here and there and thunder…

I miss the freedom to be… 35 years of my life dedicated to death, sickness, drug addicts and their problems and translation.

I’ve been the mouth and ears, translator for my Dad whilst he went through his cataract surgery..

It’s hard to be an almost deaf man’s ear and mouth piece Could the forms be in greek, I say yes, they could be and it’d be the right thing to do, they get the big bucks they med folks, hells bells I bet the may cost may be worth it.

I love the medical community, they supply patients with important instruction, but do they really give a flaming fig if or how the patient will understand?

WHat if they don’t have family, what if…

A lovely earth indeed, if only…

Earth to Mia


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