light•ness 2


Originally uploaded by M’s❤2

I love the edit I made to this tulip photograph, but annoyingly my iPhoto,
which I’ve come to dislike with a burning passion, for it being so laden with quirks, and messing up for me more then not, would not, not for all the begging, cursing save it.
It’s only when I click on edit in the window that it then changes back to the image seen here, if you know what the problem maybe with iphoto, please enlighten me!

Thus this is a screenshot, with the broken water main, leaving us with the need of boiling water it was not my biggest fish to fry…. really though, what the heck is wrong with that application, Apple?

A retrospective on my blossoms, seed and water..


2 thoughts on “light•ness 2

  1. Stoopid iPhoto eh – bah & humbug to it, I say.

    I can only suggest rebuilding the library & seeing if that sorts its quirks any – whilst keeping a full backup of the existing, just in case eh.

    PS – lovely shots

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