It’s much too late, much too early for me to still be awake, but here I am, someone
in the dark distance is yelling or crying, how odd the night..
the wind relentless, the new-born leaves speak… so here I am, why fight the insomnia,
on my PowerBook, which all in all is my fave book these days, nothing short of everything attainable I may want to search or read, sure the zooming in helps, books have such tiny print, yet how I miss the meal they were, a voracious devourer I was ..

I’m days from my birthday, and feeling rather blue, in retrospect & with honest retrospection I guess I usually do feel blue, getting older is not all it’s cracked up to be :)

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
— Oscar Wilde

anyhow.. I ran into some of these quirky things again & I do love to play around with these blogthing tests albeit they are boxy, and more then one answer can apply more times then not, here is the result of one..

You Are the Honest One

You are very open and honest. You have nothing to hide, and you have no problem telling very personal stories.

You may give people a little too much information, but you figure that’s their problem, not yours.

You don’t always tell others what you think of them, but if they ask you, you’ll tell them the real deal.

People either love you or hate you, and you’re okay with that. You just want to know how they really feel.

and another

You Are Right Brained in Love

When it comes to love, you go with your gut not with your head.

You have an open heart. You fall in love easily and get hurt just as easily.

You are spontaneous with relationships. You go with the flow and don’t worry about the future.

You are romantic, empathetic, and caring. More than most people, you really love being in love.

"Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you've never been hurt and live like it's heaven on Earth."
no quiz needed, I love Tulips,

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