YouTube – Burt Bacharach – Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

YouTube – Burt Bacharach – Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.

Oi! I just pressed this and is it here, NO am I a newbie NO, Am I annoyed YES!
Here I go again, I have to write it all over again, I should know better than to not have it on a textedit first, yes!

I just faved the vid above at GT, yeas it’s Google Tube now, tis far from the Youtube I once loved!

So, I decided to comment to a post, my second comment in a half hour maybe less, and here it comes, googles captcha to what check if I’m human after one comment?

So a tad annoyed, b/c this happens all the time these days, I added this to my comment (google this is my second post oi, with your captcha )

Do you think it showed up? Umm NO

Bloody well not, and it feels a lot like censorship, darn it and I don’t think
it’s very fair! ( maybe it was an error?)

First this past week they eradicate our original passwords( and maybe they could keep up with there log in page which claims either gmail or youtube can be used,
Bullocks, gmail or bust, now this feeling of censorship, ok maybe it was an error, if so it’s odd it didn’t seem to phase the rest of the comment

More annoyance on the tube, the constant pop up message to connect to/with facebook, and not an option to say NO I DON”T want to, stop it, stop asking me there is only the option to put it off for later…

edited for the better :)


5 thoughts on “YouTube – Burt Bacharach – Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

  1. Just so it’s known, I’ve not had one captcha since, coincidence, maybe, whatever the case I’m glad to not be halted after one comment,
    like some sort of spambot.

    • Yes, now that I’m not as aggravated, I’ll give them the benefit of a doubt, I shall when I get back there, I’m much too busy atm. Ta RO!

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