Teen suicide after ‘unrelenting’ bullying | Stuff.co.nz

Teen suicide after ‘unrelenting’ bullying | Stuff.co.nz.

I’d like to know how they can be sure she hung herself,

I ‘v not read anything that tells me her Mom or guardian was home “when she killed herself” , I see her little sister found her, I do hope ( if not I wish they had too late now) the authorities I read the girls were following her as she walked home)  circumstances, looked for dna evidence, imo anything is possible including murder. Without knowing if this young woman’s family was home, I think it’s presumptuous for the police to call this suicide, to mark this young girl as throwing her life away due to to the abuse, Shame on the school & it’s “adults” for knowing and not punishing the useless & despicable bags of flesh….

How does one know what really happened, if there wasn’t an adult in that home?


2 thoughts on “Teen suicide after ‘unrelenting’ bullying | Stuff.co.nz

    • Andy, I wish I heard of this awful story earlier, I wish I knew if this young girl’s mom was home…
      It’s a sick world … sadly very little would surprise me.. thanks Andy xoxo

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