Memories, 4th of July & Woods Hole

The 300 Committee Falmouths Land Trust.

On this 4th of July memories of Billy, WIlliam Harris Meyers and our many wonderful experiences and treks through Woods Hole, flood me like the waves of Nobska they wash over me, that I feel nostalgic almost explains it, Billy (David) my self and Andy Bowen, it was such a wonderful late summer evening at the Cape Codder Hotel, cocktails on the lawn, sunset at the rocking chairs, as the melody escaped the lounge …. my first and last time at this ever-so beautiful Hotel.

It feels like an un-healing shame to have lost this amazing hotel to condos, progress seems to lead to regress…  Billy was lost to a massive heart attack on the 13 of January in 1989, 2 short days after his 33rd birthday,  the Cape Codder lost before him.

I don’t have a single photo of the Cape Codder, I do have the most romantic images in my mind of a time, place & person incomparable.

Of all the benches on Water St.

The Necessary Wind ~ Aeolus

Summer by the seaside: the architecture of New England coastal ..The Cape Codder

Thank goodness for those that work to preserver land, sadly, the The Cape Codder Hotel was not saved, it should have been, it was a gem that had to been experienced, to only then could it be appreciated..
Architecture the likes of the Cape Codder Hotel deserve to be saved, maintained, razing it for condominium’s in my opinion was a crime.

Lighthouse mirror

Music that plays in my mind Kate Bush Hounds of
Love, and especially Hello Earth


9 thoughts on “Memories, 4th of July & Woods Hole

    • Yes me too, I think you’d of loved it…. I was only there once myself, I was immediately taken with it’s charm
      and ambiance.
      Happy 4th Coach, thanks for the reply.

    • Your too kind, sure these are of Woods Hole I look forward to spending sometime there
      with you and making new memories and shoot to our hearts content.

    • It was so very undeniable lovely, a true Grand Dame in every sense, I had a little camera back then but not with me,
      I regret not having photographed the place, and captured the moment, but what the mind & eye perceives is hard to translate on film,
      the light, sights, sounds, scent of this hotel, at this location and Billy’s laughter, will always be embedded in my mind.
      A shame yes, thanks Andy for your reply &… xox

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