Serial Killer Ian Brady and Myra Hindley

I’ve been watching HD Investigation I.D tonight, instead of “Criminal Minds” I’m looking inside people through their life of crime, it’s so gruesome and appalling.

It confirms to me that there is no devil, only the one that dwells within humans, these humans can be, & some are the monsters that lurk in the closet, is it any wonder children know….

Serial Killer Ian Brady and Myra Hindley
These two, what a couple of horrors, killing children photographing them, recording their please cries and sounds of pain,

Christa Pike – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A teen along with her friend and boyfriend slashed and finally killed a fellow student,  she’s now on death row, he was hand life in prison, she is a sociopath.

Maria Korp – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

BBC News | Health | Cot death error ‘costs lives’

The Mother that killed her 5 babies one after another,

and helped misled SIDS  research, many thanks to Dr Steinschneider.,who received a $4.5m grant from the US National Institutes of Health to continue his work, blinded by his own research, he missed what the nurses saw.

Sarah Marie Johnson the 16 that shot both her parents, her mom while she slept and her dad as he came out of the bathroom to see what the sounds were,

on to watching  Andrea Yates, in my opinion her husband was blind, 5 children drowned, what a crying bloody shame.

what a sad world we live in, it can, & does make me weep.


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