Briton held for wearing a bikini in Dubai shopping mall | Mail Online


As I can do, time & again get lost on-line, from story to link, to the next, this headline & story caught my eye, and I just had to comment,   which the site never allowed me to post, more on that in a wee bit.

The site seemed to show {to me} that it’d be automatically posted once  name & my email in their clutches {you won’t sell it right?}, but no, I had to sign in, I did.
They claim to have sent an email, it never came {x 2}, not for either email account I signed up with, thus this wasn’t posted and I had to let it out, have my say if not there at their site then here.

Briton held for wearing a bikini in Dubai shopping mall | Mail Online.

Maybe, just maybe, the one million British tourists a year,  should use their £’s to send a message.
There are plenty of wonderful vacation spots, Greece is one I can think of and they actually need the funds, unlike those that oppress and yet float in financial excesses.

Do I think she was right to parade around in her bathing suit, no I don’t but I also don’t think it’s right to support with our hard-earned monies nations that do allow male family members to slaughter  their own sisters, in the name of ” she brought dishonour to our family”.
Nations that hold women as a second class citizen, nations that perceive affection and kisses in public a crime, furthermore nations that when in other’s nations still don their traditions, who ask others to respect their life style, (religion) but do as they like anywhere they go.
I would never, ever support such a place with my money, never.

May I say, this site the news site is umm, a bit of  a wanker, it doesn’t work properly, registered twice,  with 2 different email addies.

lo and behold I’m signed in, I don’t see a place to sign out, and when trying to sign in I’m told there is a space in my email, umm no there is not….

Now to this gem..The Talibanisation of British childhood

It’s a wonder to me how some chose to spend their £ & $…

Shot for this story (thank you Andy) used with permission,  & edited by me..

psssssst you want to know a secret?  don’t tell anyone, but I suspect the British have no love lost of & for Greeks:P give our marbles back, I think we should charge you rental fees! :P


2 thoughts on “Briton held for wearing a bikini in Dubai shopping mall | Mail Online

    • Glad you like your photo:), thanks for it, it’s much appreciated, I was fresh out of £ :D
      daily is yet another site that just doesn’t work for me.
      Foolish for going there, I personally would not spend a red cent anywhere,
      that dictates what I can wear, or if I may show & be affectionate with someone.
      Goodnight Andy. xxoxx

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