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Twitter Status. Over capacitated.

Cute lil' Chickadee...

The weather here, pouring again day 4, mold spores are high, our water is brown, bringing to mind all the people crying
go green on plastic water bottles, use Brita, pur or other filtration , people if you don’t want plastic bottles, start your
crusade upon the soda industry, or you come drink this brown stuff, it ain’t coke, bub!

Water main break disrupts service, closes street in Brighton That should read water turns brown in Brighton, the street closing is nothing more than a little difficultly for the Newtonian flying through our hood, take the Pike peeps, it a toll but that’s life.

Now for a word on WordPress, I can’t seem to find any satisfaction from their themes, this theme for instance makes me wonder why the sidebars are beneath my posts, isn’t the term sidebar not indicative of the widgets being on the side of the posts?

I have changed themes many times, too many to remember the names of, too many to mention in the last 3 years.
I wish there was one theme that had all I was looking for, wide width, custom header, sticky post, a {true} sidebar and a choice of dark or light backgrounds, I wouldn’t have thunk it would be too much to ask but clearly it is.
Also the way themes are misrepresented when previewing, they show the widgets when in practice they need need to be redone, replaced.

Perhaps I just need to stick to blogger, they don’t charge for customizing, and they have some fonts to play with.
Signing up for free for Type fonts here, is not the same as free, I love the sign up for free sites, heck did you want us to
pay to sign up and for using the goodies?


3 thoughts on “Twitter Status

  1. :D fiddlesticks, cool, it’s been a long time since I’ve heard that phrase..
    I’ve been running the water, after many gallons wasted, it’s finally clear.
    Thanks for the comments Andy.
    As for the plastic bottles of soda and water, soda and beer out numbers whats left behind on beaches and littering the streets, from what I see.

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