Warm by the fire …

Warm yourself by the fire love …, originally uploaded by ©M’s❤2All rights reserved ©

merry christmas & heart

I am still in Christmas mode and probably will be until Theophany also known as Epiphany Aka Little Christmas is over regardless the fact cut Christmas trees litter the curbs.. what an amazing thing it is, this harried & throw away society… it’s snowing
that is pure joy for me, even with this nasty back pain, oh and the birds are back feeding~!

Happy 3rd Day of Christmas, and Happy Birthday to you Pengy :)


2 thoughts on “Warm by the fire …

    • It’s so nice to finally have some snow:) I wish you were here to see it and the birds,
      a feeding frenzy of a sort . Happy New Year to you babe, I hope it’s a good one.
      As always thanks for the comment ! xox

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