How to help the ladybirds in your house in winter

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Update November 2014
I first blogged about all the ladybirds gathering on our large South facing windows during winter back in 2011 and since that time have done a couple of experiments to see what’s best to try and keep them safe and protected. I’m aware that some people may say let nature take it’s course but actually, if we didn’t have these huge warm panes of glass which act like ladybird magnets, they might hunker down and sleep quietly though the winter… so it’s partly our fault ;)
I did a bit of research and also have watched them over the last few years:
  • Firstly it’s not great for ladybirds to stay indoors with central heating & high temperatures. It’s too warm and they wake up from hibernation way before their usual March or April, find no natural aphid snacks available and can starve to death. Also a dry…

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