Cowgirls like it @ 102º

Cowgirls like it @ 102º, originally uploaded by M’sheArt2❤.

 Life is a beach. .. Actually it’s a total bitch for some of us, all of us at different times perhaps.  Amy knew ♪ may she rip.


~ Bliss

I wish I were there now and all the time thereafter.

I bored with the covetous, the stupid and being on the same land mass … I’m especially fed up with the pignut trees :P what with the misery they wrought every spring, oh these darn allergies, the wide open sea sounds really good to me right now.

Richard Hawley, again

I love that man’s voice, his voice “The Voice” has that tone, the notes, it has the ability to reach right down into the depths my solar plexus, pulling tugging…. it makes me happy, sad, its evocative, soulful reminds me that life is not mundane, it’s magical and of course it reminds me of you… of a young 2007, of us, Of him in Brighton in September we, missed it, I saw him & co. here in December @ttthebear, and with Coach, what a thrill it was for me, to be in such a tiny and intimate venue.

"The Voice" Richard Hawley and co.

Thanks babe for turning me on to him.. Since I’m on this tone and speaking of voices, mmm yours as always, makes me melt.

RH by Dressing room door

A little known lovely and haunting song from a 2007 album..