Tufted Titmouse

Tufted Titmouse, originally uploaded by M’sheArt2❤.

I’ve played Tufted Titmouse sounds & calls for weeks I’m not sure it’s the reason but they finally did arrive last week, it’s so nice to have them along with the Chickadees and the White-breasted Nuthatchs, Northern Cardinal, BlueJays {which we throw whole peanuts to}, they’re much to shy it seems… finally more than the Eurasian Sparrow.

Seen here Tufty hip hopping along the wire to the table feeder.

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7, originally uploaded by ©M’s❤2.

There are seven fundamental types of catastrophes” …. cross now and you’ll meet 1..

Quiet above, the bustle below ~

Collecting …

Collecting …

Originally uploaded by M’s❤2

it’s force for an amazing storm, I spend it mostly

under the Aquarium’s very cool metal roof, shooting..

It was awesome to see, feel and hear…. it could

of been better if you dear Andy were not across the Harbour

in a 747 heading east…

above is prior the rain, it was actually very sunny..

Boston does have the quintessential ” if you don’t like the weather

wait a few minutes :) or is it seconds

I hope you’ve collected your force for the’s work week ahead.