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“The baby bat
Screamed out in fright,
‘Turn on the dark,
I’m afraid of the light.”

Shel Silverstein


HeArt Art

HeArt Art

A Valentine

I’ve always loved making hearts, from as long as I can recall. Mom was never thrilled to find hearts drawn on my jeans, or bubble gum blown into a bubble and stored in the butter compartment in the fridge, that trick I’ve lost, hearts never.

Hey slow poke, it’s 13:55:40

Hey slow poke, it’s 13:55:40

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a little fun with colour & hue… after an entire week of rain and driving wind, (none of that lovely white stuff I adore, tis winter & the right time for it eh? ) we have some sunshine today !

btw on my recent tulip photo there was nothing tragic about these tulips as some wanted to believe, they arrived here on the 14th, Valentines day, the tragic tulips in the photo in question was shot on the 22nd, I do get a chuckle from the stories ppl tell themselves..

Hurray for us I hope you’ve sunshine too… xx

No sun today and it’s cold and windy, again boo hoo…
What a (New England) difference a day can make.