If Winter comes…


I wish you a very happy 1st of December and month of family and celebration. xo


You’re the one for me, Fatty

Fatty, originally uploaded by M’sheArt2❤.

Our little visitor, (nicknamed Fatty because he’s much heftier than
the very skinny black cat that visits, feeds & splits) Fatty comes for more than food, he loves to nuzzle, sit on laps.
He is very affectionate, & a nap on the armchair, a respite from the great outdoors.
He came today with a cut on his head and shoulder…
I don’t know what happened but I hate it that he’s left to roam, he deserves so much better.
He’s without a collar, the UK doesn’t require tags or a license, cats are free agents.

I want to follow him home to see if he actually has one, but I suck at climbing walls, & the roofs of sheds.


Abronia Latifolia, Abronia Maritima, Abronia Umbellata, Abronia Villosa, Abscise, Abscission, Abutilon Theophrasti, Acacia Catechu, Acacia Dealbata, Acacia Farnesiana, Acacia… What is it!?

I don’t remember what this plant / flower is do you happen to know?