Video – Slaughter cruelty shocks animal campaigners – The Age

Video – Slaughter cruelty shocks animal campaigners – The Age.

Bloody brutalized, how can anyone do this to Cows, born and breed to sustain us, with their flesh, and milk, how can humans do this to a helpless animal, why do we not respect the very life that feed us!

How can someone look in those eyes and do what these people do! How can we call people like this human, how can someone do this and cradle a child, make love, be a loving human, imo they can’t.

How very sad and tragic live can be for some at the hands of Mankind, such a misnomer.

I ask you, Please...

Photo by Andy~B © 2010 All rights reserved.

Thanks  RSPCA for sharing the slaughter conditions in Indonesia, which has prompted calls for a ban on live exports.

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