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“A falling star fell from your heart and landed in my eyes.
I screamed aloud, as it tore through them, and now it’s left me blind.

The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out.
You left me in the dark.
No dawn, no day, I’m always in this twilight.
In the shadow of your heart.

And in the dark, I can hear your heartbeat.
I tried to find the sound.
But then it stopped, and I was in the darkness,
So darkness I became.

I took the stars from my eyes, and then I made a map.
And knew that somehow I could find my way back.
Then I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too.
So I stayed in the darkness with you.”

• Florence Welch”


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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
Leonardo da Vinci

I’d park it if I had it.

Hours ⌛ in the City 

Hours ⌛  NYC

A big thank you to Bill Champitto for the use of his lovely song Circles from the album Water’s Edge.

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big bokies

big bokies, originally uploaded by M’sheArt2❤.